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Double Pump B

SP25D3 Double Pump

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Standard Features:

  • Patented Non-Symmetrical Gears
  • PTFE composite bearings
  • One piece hardened alloy steel gears and driveshaft
  • Pressures up to 3000 psi
  • SAE "" 2 bolt mounting
  • 5 drive shaft configurations available 1.141 to 3.869 ci displacement
  • Integral relief on priority flow
  • Priority flows from 1.5 to 5 gpm
  • Ideal for steering circuits

The SPD3 series of double pumps consists of two SP-25A pump sections. The SP25A pump now utilizes self-lubricating thrust blocks that eliminate the need for separate wear plates. They are made from a high strength aluminum alloy with exceptional anti-galling properties. This new thrust block design also incorporates advanced bearings designed specifically for high pressure hydraulic pumps. This new bearing features a robust fluoropolymer PTFE wear surface that yields unsurpassed load carrying capabilities and cavitation resistance even at low speeds and moderate levels of contamination. Also, since the PTFE resin layer is self-lubricating, contamination from bearing wear in high load situations (when no oil film is present) is reduced. This new thrust block design combined with these advanced bearing results in lower friction and less internal oil loss resulting in higher pump efficiencies.

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