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Royal Plate
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Royal Plate Plus®

is the unique result of combining two very functional coatings in an extremely controlled environment. The combination provides the excellent wear, hardness, and lubricity characteristics of hard chrome, with the outstanding corrosion protection & ductility of Nickel plating.

Because of its hardness, anti-galling characteristics, and low coefficient of friction, hard chrome has long been the preferred coating for the piston rods of hydrualic cylinders. Its is also used in shock rods, valve stems and piston rings. While best known for its excellent wear characteristics, hard chrome is not always the best choice for long lasting corrosion protection. Its susceptibility to corrosion is due to the natural characteristics of chrome. Chrome by its very nature is micro-cracked. Under microscopic examination, you will find spider webs of cracks that make the sustrate material susceptible to corrosion. In contrast, Nickel is a barrier coating, which exhibits superior corrosion protection, and is used in applications that are highly corrosive in nature or require superior ductility such as engine valves. Through unique process control and application technologies, Royal Plate Plus® offers substantial performance enhancements.

The combination of Nickel as an undercoating & Hard Chrome as the topcoat has become the coating of choice for parts that require superior corrosion protection and outstanding wear characteristics. Excellent corrosion test results have been recorded when these two coatings are used in combination.

  • Outstanding Piston Rod Plating
  • Royal Plate Plus® will prevent rust and corrosion more than twice as long as hard chrome plating and gas nitride treated steel bar.
  • All Royal Plate Plus® rods are warranted against rust and corrosion for 7 years