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Frequently Asked Questions - Product Identification

Q: I have a Prince product, how do I identify what the model # is?
A: The 1st thing you need to do is determine if you have a Prince hydraulic cylinder, valve, pump, or motor.

Prince typically pin stamps directly on the product or attaches a tag with the model #, date of manufacture, and a serial # or some combination that will include the model #.

Cylinder: On the cylinder tube approximately 90 degrees to the extend port (base end of the cylinder), in a counter clock wise position you should be able to find the pin stamp. Do look closely, depending on the paint thickness or layers of paint it may be difficult to see (you may have to use a flash light or a wire brush to remove some of the paint).

Pumps: On the SP series pumps, this information will be pin stamped on the body of the pump. These are aluminum bodies, so it is usually easy to find the pin stamping.

Aluminum PTO Pump: On the aluminum PTO Pump you will find the pin stamping on the body of the PTO. Keep in mind that depending on the paint, it maybe difficult to find, so look closely, it is there.

Cast Iron PTO Pump: On the cast iron PTO Pump you will find a tag, it is attached to the opposite side of the torque arm mounting area.

Motors: With the motor shaft facing you and the ports up, you will find the tag on the right side of the port pad.

Valves: Prince has a few locations where valves will get pin stamped. Prince typically pin stamps the model # and date of manufacture. You will also find casting #’s (C-XXX or HCI-PRINCE) on the valves, so if you are not able to find the pin stamping, this will give you a start in identifying what valve series you have. Please refer to the valve casting # identification section.

Model # Series Where the pin stamp is located
RD-400 Hex plug end cap on controlled flow end
RD-500 Hex plug end cap
RD-900 On non-handle end with ports up, model code on surface directly above spool, date code on surface directly below spool.
RD-1000 On face of adjusting plug
RD-1400 Hex plug end cap
RD-1500 Model No. and Date Code on right end cap, orifice size on left cap (ratio and orifice size of left cap if ratio is not 50:50)
RD-1600 Top of body (same surface as the “IN”, “CYL” & “PP” detail)
RD-1800 Top (Tank port side) of mach body
RD-1900 Hex plug end cap
RDRS-100 Hex plug end cap
RDRS-1900 Hex plug end cap
RD-2500 End plate opposite the handle
RD4100 SERIES End cap opposite the handle
RD5100 SERIES End cap opposite the handle
RD5200 SERIES End cap opposite the handle
RD5300 SERIES End cap opposite the handle
RV On hex flats of relief cartridge
SS On end of valve on machined surface opposite handle end
SV ASSEMBLIES Outer machined face of inlet
SV INLET Outer machined face
SV OUTLET Outer machined face
SV WORK SECTIONS End cap opposite the handle
SVX…-TXXX TANDEM SOLENOID Machined face on side of actuator body nearest the B port

Q: Ok, I can’t find the model # on the valve but I did find the casting #. What valve do I have?
A: The below chart will tell you what valve series the casting # is used in. You will still need to determine the other valve attributes such as port size, relief setting, and others. You can find additional information on each of the below valve series by referring to the specific catalog pages or parts manuals.

Valve Casting Number Prince Valve Series or Valve Family
C-454 RD-1000
C-454 RD-1500
C-454 RD-1500-AB
C-454 RD-200
C-454 RD-300
C-454 RD-300-AB
C-454 RD-400
C-454 RD-400-R
C-454 RD-500
C-454 RD-800
C-454 RD-800-CB
C-454 RD-900
C-454 RD-600
C-454 RD-700
C-454 RD-1100
C-460 RD-1400
C-465 RD-1900
C-465 RD-1900-BSPP
C-465 RDC-1900
C-465 RDRS-1900
C-481 RD-5100
C-482 RD-5200
C-483 RD-5300
C-503 RD-100
C-503 RDRS-100
C-503 RDC-150-16
C-505 LS-3000
C-505 LSR-3000
C-509 RV
C-511 RD-2500
C-512 DRV
C-569 DS
C-570 SS
C-575 SVW
C-576 SVI
C-577 SVE
C-589 SVH
C-589 SVIM
C-590 SVL
C-625 SVR
C-626 AK-597
C-626 PM-SC-10
C-627 SVM
C-627 SVF
C-630 20P
C-630 20B
C-631 20I
C-632 20E
C-632 20LE
C-637 20T
C-637 20TM
C-638 20L
C-656 SVS
C-662 20IM
C-664 HC-V-S29
C-664 HC-V-S30
C-685 RD4100
C-689 HC-V-AA19 LVT
C-689 HC-V-AA20 LVT
C-689 HC-V-AB24 LVT
C-689 HC-V-AB25 LVT
C-689 HC-V-AB32 LVT
C-689 HC-V-AD3 LVT
C-689 LVT1GR
C-689 LVT1BB
C-713 HC-V-AE10
C-713 HC-V-BE37
C-714 HC-V-AB10 LVT
C-714 HC-V-AB12 LVT
C-714 HC-V-AB20 LVT
C-714 HC-V-AB21 LVT
C-714 HC-V-AB28 LVT
C-714 HC-V-AB29 LVT
C-714 HC-V-AE35 LVT
C-714 LVT1RG
C-714 LVT1BG
C-732 HC-V-AE26
C-732 HC-V-AE5
C-732 HC-V-BC02
C-732 HC-V-AE6
C-760 SVIF
C-768 LVS
C-814 20LP
C-834 LVR