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Flow Control, Check, Lock and Sequence Valves

Prince Manufacturing manufactures and maintains a large selection of standard hydraulic flow control valves. Contact a Prince representative for custom applications.
Model RD100 Flow Control Valve

RD/RDRS100 Flow Control 0 - 30 gpm

Model RD1900 Flow Control Valve

RD/RDRS1900 Flow Control 0 - 30 gpm

Hydraulic Flow Control Valve

W/WR1900 Flow Control 0 -30 gpm

Model RD200 Proportional Divider Valve

RD200 Proportional Divider 0 - 30 gpm

Model RD300 Proportional Divider Valve

RD300 Proportional Divider 0 - 30 gpm

Model RD400 Fixed Flow Divider Valve

RD400/RD400R Fixed Flow Priority Divider 0 - 30 gpm

Model RD400 Adjustable Flow Divider Valve

RD500 Adjustable Flow Priority Divider

Model RD500P Proportional Divider Valve

RD500P Proportional Divider Adj Orifice 0-30gpm

Model RD1000 Sequence Valve

RD1000S Sequence 0-30gpm

Model RD1400 Lock Valve Valve

RD1400 Lock 0 - 30 gpm

Model RD1600 Check Valve

RD1600 check 20 gpm