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Empowering customers with the ability to custom configure valves and cylinders is a key benefit of Configure2Quote. Utilization of common components means competitive pricing and enables short lead times of 4 weeks or less. More challenging cylinder designs will be managed by our team of engineers to ensure your requirements are met.

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Configure2Quote Capabilities                               
  • Welded Designs from 1.5” to 4” Bores
  • Various Rod Sizes
  • Multiple End Fittings
  • Tie Rod Designs with 2” to 5” Bores
  • RD5000 Mono Block Valves (25-30 gpm)
  • SV Family Stack Valves (12 gpm)
  • SV Valve Assemblies (12 gpm)
  • Real-Time Quote, Part Number, 2D Drawing                
Configure2Quote Benefits    
  • Competitive Pricing Through Common Components               
  • Short Lead Times Improves Production Schedules               
  • 2D Drawings with Quotes Speeds Design Work
  • Instant Part Number Generation Aids Tracking               
  • Enables Unlimited Price-Feature-Design Scenarios               
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