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Technology of a Sensor Cylinder
Magnetostrictive: The movable position magnet generates a magnetic field in the waveguide, a second magnetic field is created radially around the waveguide by the introduction of current or “interrogation pulse”. The interaction between these two magnetic field creates a “strain pulse” which travels down the waveguide. The position and speed of motion are determined by the elapsed time between the interrogation pulse and the arrival of the strain pulse.
Hall Effect: The movable position magnet generates a voltage drop in “Hall Effect” chips which are positioned down the length of the waveguide. A microprocessor controls and receives signals from the Hall Effect chips and correlates the voltage drop over the chips to a proportional output.
Both Technologies Offer
  • Solid state designs
  • Voltage, Current, PWM and CANBUS outputs
  • Rugged package to withstand vibration and shock loads
  • Built-in redundancy optional
  • Special sensor designs are available
Contact your Prince Manufacturing representative to explain the subtle differences between each and help you select the sensor that will best meet your requirements
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