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The Prince engineering department is recognized for their innovative and problem solving designs. Our engineering expertise has been utilized by companies from all over the U.S. to build custom components for applications in Construction, Mining, Forestry, Marine, Demolition, Military, Material Handling, Agriculture, Truck and Trailer, Utility and Waste Management. With countless hours of testing, you can be assured that our products will have long-life, superior performance and high reliability. Our strong work ethic and dedicated employees are the foundation for the stability of Prince Manufacturing. We pledge to serve your needs as a team, from start to finish.

Prince can and will provide 3D modeling for customers upon request for layout work or manuals. By using our 3D models customers can be sure that our custom product will fit into their equipment also verifying form and function.

Our engineering group does stress analyst with ALGOR Finite Analysis. ALGOR allows us to identify stress areas of components and address areas of concern before going to production thus help eliminating issues and warranty in the field.

We also use CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for valve finite analysis. CFD is a numerical flow simulation for valve design.

Research and Development

Prince maintains a 6,000 sq foot building where employees qualify and test hydraulic components for both internal use as well as customer test requirements. Click below for more details.

Prince provides support to the company in the development and testing of hydraulic cylinders, valves, and pumps. Several different hydraulic power units provide the capability to test these products as well as specific components and even complete systems.

The R & D Lab has the capability to perform a variety of cylinder tests. Specialized fixtures and power units allow cylinders to be cycled under "loaded conditions". A programmable logic controller can be used to automate the testing and a PC based data acquisition system used to monitor test parameters such as Pressure, Flow and Temperature.

Tests include:

  • Piston Drift/Rod Creep Test
  • Internal and External Leakage Test
  • Piston and Rod Seal Evaluation Tests
  • Cylinder Proof and Burst Test (up to 15,000 PSI)
  • Endurance/Fatigue Test (Full stroke and Midstroke or fixed rod test)
  • Rod Buckling Test
  • Tests can be configured for evaluation of hydraulic cylinders with built-in valves, restrictors, bypasses and cushions.



R & D capabilities include a multi-functional valve test stand to perform various types of testing on hydraulic valves. Test stand features include: 100 Hp double shafted motor with 2 pumps. 1-42 gpm variable displacement piston pump (5000 PSI) and 1 fixed displacement gear pump (3000 PSI). Instrumentation includes a PC based data acquisition system to monitor test parameters such as Pressure, Flow and Temperature.

Typical valve tests include the following:

  • Pressure vs. Flow characteristics
  • Metering Characteristics
  • Internal Leakage Characteristics
  • Pressure Regulation Characteristics
  • Proof Pressure Test
  • Valve Endurance/Durability Test


Salt fog chamber:
R & D lab has capability to perform both ASTM B 368 CASS Tests (Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray (Fog) and ASTM B 117 salt fog testing . The salt fog chambers are used to evaluate the corrosive performance of our chrome plated piston rods.