The Prince Foundation

Prince Manufacturing Corporation had its beginnings in a small machine shop on Water Street in Sioux City, Iowa in 1941. The company, then known as Prince Hydraulics, was started by John Prince. His son, Richard, incorporated the business in September 1950 with a contract for 100 simple, single-acting hydraulic cylinders. John became the first president, and co-founders Arthur C. Gall, and F. John Roost became Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively. In its infancy, the company made welded style cylinders primarily for the agricultural market as well as truck and trailer..

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The Beginning

Prince began in a small machine shop in Sioux City, Iowa. Prince was started by John Prince with co-founders Arthur Gall, and F. John Roost.

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Experiencing Growth

Prince moved into a new metal building and by 1965 had 107 employees


Walthill, Nebraska

A new plant was built in Walthill, Nebraska. The plant was located on the Omaha Indian Reservation. They made agricultural tie-rod type cylinders

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Sioux City, Iowa

A new 100,000 sq ft manufacturing and 9,000 corporate office was built in Sioux City, Iowa

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Hartington, Nebraska

A new 40,000 sq ft facility in Hartington, Nebraska was built and the assets of Douglass Hydraulics were purchased. By 1979 the plant was doubled in size to 80,000 sq ft to meet the increasing demand for cylinders as well as the newly developed PTO pump line

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Centralized Warehouse

A building was purchased in South Sioux City, Nebraska to act as a centralized warehouse as well as house our new research and development laboratory

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Moving to South Dakota

The Omaha tribe defaulted on their lease agreement and that facility was moved into a new building in North Sioux City, South Dakota

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Expanding Products

A building was built in Brookings, South Dakota for the expansion of big bore and telescopic cylinders

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Accommodating Demand

To accommodate the ever increasing demand for small bore cylinders a new facility was opened in Yankton, South Dakota. This year the corporate office was also moved from Sioux City to the North Sioux City property and a new corporate building was built

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