Information for Engineers


Our team of degreed engineers have years of experience solving complex requirements and though we offer “standard” product lines our custom-made products account for over 70% of our sales. Hence, we know what it takes to make custom products.

CAD Tools:

We utilize the latest tools to design solutions to meet our customer’s requirements. Prince utilizes advanced CAD software (AutoDesk® Inventor) to produce models quickly and accurately. This, without question, is the cornerstone of our design practices.

Simulation Tools:

Prince understands that there are demanding applications that require “virtual” testing prior to ever being built. In these situations, we evaluate the design utilizing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software from ALGOR® in an effort to predict the stresses within the design. With that information weak points can be re-designed prior to manufacture. In addition we also utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software from AutoDesk® to simulate how hydraulic fluid behaves within the system. This information is invaluable when designing solutions that perform as requested, maintain low noise levels, and minimize heat saturation.

3D CAD Models:

We understand that our customers often develop their own products with CAD tools. It would be a disservice if we did not share our 3D models with them to help them be more efficient with their development tasks. Nearly all of our standard products have 3D models that are downloadable from our website and any custom model is available by request. 3D models are available in .stp format for use within most CAD programs (other formats are available upon request).

R & D Lab and Test Facility:

Prince has a commitment to quality designs that are field tested and put through rigorous evaluation. For these reasons we have a well-equipped R&D / Test facility staffed with a full-time engineer and machinists. At this facility we can perform burst tests up to 15,000 PSI, cyclic, endurance, fatigue, drift, and column load testing and many more specific tests requested by our customers. We regularly carry out corrosion tests using specially designed salt spray chambers for the purpose of completing ASTM B368 CASS test (Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray) and ASTM B117 salt fog tests. Cylinders, valves, motors and pumps can all be thoroughly tested at this facility through the use of various test stands / fixtures and PLC devices can automatically control these tests while data is recorded. Lastly, this facility can be used to find solutions to field issues through replicating those conditions within a controlled environment. As you can see, this unique facility is an important asset to Prince and our customers.

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